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petition covenant

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing petition covenant
this is cindi best from best law firm this is a response to a petition for dissolution of marriage or divorce without minor children in maricopa county arizona and your response needs to have three documents filed with the court and your sensitive data sheet which we covered in a separate video along with your ADR or your alternative dispute resolution statement and then this is your actual response you need to send all three documents and file them with the court located near you and you need to pay a 256 dollar response fee and when you get your petition for your divorce that you're actually answering you will see that you need to file this within 20 days if you haven't and if you're out of state within 30 days if you have any questions at any time you should consult with an experienced family law attorney if you have any questions you should feel free to call best law firm at 480 to 192 433 this is not meant to give you specific legal advice but just goes through a generic form so you know how to file your own response to a petition so Rachel Chandler is going to tell the court the first is about her spouse the petitioner who filed first number two she's the respondent so she's going to tell the court where she lives and it's very important that she has the correct address because that's how the court will correspond with her she talks about their marriage when they were married and where they got married in Las Vegas and the fact that they were or her spouse were residents of Arizona 90 days before this action was filed then this isn't the next part number five is not required but you could tell the court about your types of property but it's not actually required as part of your answer and you'll go down here you'll also perhaps want to tell the court about your cars or your setting about separate property and community property and you can look at those as well so you'll want to check the appropriate box for that but it's not required as part of this response the debts are not required sole and separate debts are not required to tell the court but you can if you would like any debt incurred during the marriage is presumed community debt sole and separate properties any property you had prior to the marriage or property that was gifted to you or that you received by will number seven you'll talk about your tax return and if you agree with that paragraph you'll check it and number eight you'll tell the court what you would like that's different from what your spouse asked for spousal maintenance is any payment that you would like to be made to one party or the other after the divorce in order to pay for your reasonable needs we have a separate video as well on spousal maintenance if you want anything different in number ten this is your time to write it in your petition again it's not required 11 is required to file your response and tell the court whether you're...